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Hello, I'm Parmaynu - everyone's favourite Ping Pong Bat!

- Does your toaster keep hiding the toast?

- Is your mother jealous of your hat?

- Do you want to know the best way to remove a red wine stain from a grain of rice?

If these are the type of problems you're facing on a daily basis, then look no further - for I, Parmaynu, am here to give you all the answers. And don't forget - I'm an expert!!!!!!!

So, if you have a problem of a personal, practical, or even non-peronal and non-practical nature, please feel free to send it to me. Who knows - you may even get a reply!!!!!!!!!


Matthew Mulot from London writes...

Dear Parmaynu,

It is my ambition to one day go to Space. To recreate the feeling of being in Space I have resolved to only eat vitamin tablets in an effort to mimic what a Space diet might be like on a day to day level. I have found they are making me orange. Can you suggest an alternative Space-like food substance or perhaps a different way of making me feel more like a Spaceman?

I wait mock-weightlessly for your reply,

Kindest regards,
Parmaynu writes
Dear Matthew, Thank you very much for your charming electronified letter. I was troubled to here of your growing orangification. You must cease eating vitaimii at once, and take a more balanced diet. For budding astronautes, I always suggest a daily diet of a dozen eggs, and a cup-full of dry, uncooked rice.

I would also suggest complimenting your meals with a refreshing pre-breakfast game of table tennis/ping pong. I should know - I'm an expert!!

See you in Space!