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At long last - The Timewaster Phone Calls are Here!

Click below to PHYSICALLY hear what Robin Cooper has been saying to other fellow humans. Then why not chat about the calls on the FORUM. Who knows, you might make a new friend, or perhaps meet someone who can repair your cellotape dispenser.

118 118

Robin calls the UK's phone directory service, 118 118, and asks for the number... of 118 118

TV Warranty Man

Robin plays 4 members of his family when a TV warranty man calls...

The Swan and the Rat

Can Robin keep a swan and a rat in a top London hotel...?

Table at the Ivy

Robin tries to book a table at a VIP restaurant using his 'celebrity' contacts

You Have a Nice Voice

Is the name of the company...

My Uncle's Birthday

Robin arranges a very special birthday party for his very special uncle...
(PS - 'Antelope X'..)


This telemarketer probably wishes he had never called Robin's number...

I swallowed a pen

Oh dear, Robin has swallowed a pen!

The Magnetic Box

Robin books a flight to America...

The Wind Tunnel

Help! Help! I'm stuck in a wind tunnel...